Ralphy Boy

A day where we celebrate our moms!

Our little dude Ralph is pretty awesome. We have been working pretty hard to get him trained up… so hopefully one day he can come fishing with me. So far he has been with me for some short fishing sessions of an hour or so, but never longer… he starts to get bored, and he isn’t at the place I can totally trust him off leash just yet. He also hasn’t been a huge fan of the water. That is until yesterday. We took him to one of our favourite off-leash spots to burn off some energy and try and learn fetch. The nice part of this spot is there is access to a river for dogs to swim. Up until this point, Ralph has always avoided even puddles and shied away from water of all kinds. However yesterday he saw a leaf floating downstream and went straight for it, he was up to his hips in the river and seemed happy to follow the leaf downstream. My wife and I were both amazed! Maybe he will love the water after all…

Ralph in water

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